About Barouche


At Barouche, we don’t claim any culture. Instead, we created our own entity based on our endless love for pita: the Pita Republic. At the Pita Republic, we want to bring people together in a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy our homemade pita breads. 

These pocket breads are baked in our Barouche Oven and are the heart of our restaurant. Each day our pitarists make the sourdough. After 24 hours of resting, the sourdough is perfect to be baked in our Barouche oven and will turn into a tasty pita bread.

After the baking process, our pocket breads are filled with the finest and most qualitative ingredients.

All our sauces are also home made and we use yoghurt to make them light. Our meat is freshly baked a-la-minute, we also serve falafel and haloumi.

Next to that, we also have platters (salad bowls) and we offer some delicious side dishes. 

At Barouche, it is our philosophy to not fry the food we eat. Instead we use our Barouche oven to bake our sweet potato wedges and falafel. 


Barouche is a place entirely devoted to pita. Serving the tastiest homemade flatbreads filled with the finest ingredients. Fresh, healthy, full of flavour and surprising. In our republic, everybody gets an enthousiastic welcome, exceptional service, killer tunes, in short an unforgettable time…

Join the Pita Republic!


We bring the most convenient yet healthy and surprising comfort food to the people. 

We give people a one-of-a-kind experience in a welcoming atmosphere that energizes everyone with the right amount of joy.


We are demanding, we demand nothing less than the best. The best service and the best quality food. We do not take shortcuts.

We are gutsy, we are not afraid of the unknown. We want to surprise you with our pita and flavours.

We are welcoming, we welcome every guest in our Pita Republic. 

We have candour, we say things as they are. Open en frank, friend to friend.